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                  Welcome to Liverpool City Region. England is currently under national lockdown. This means that restaurants, attractions, museums and non-essential retail are forced to close. 

                  Please do not visit our City Region right now. If you'd like to continue to support our businesses, take a look at our blog for information on takeaways, gift vouchers and more. 

                  We understand this is difficult, but stay strong, stay safe and abide by the rules. For more, please visit our FAQs. 

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                  1. As all non-essential retail, attractions and restaurants will have to close from 6 January for a national lockdown, we will be unable to visit our favourite places until they reopen. Until then, we can still support our local businesses by shopping with them online!

                    8 Jan 2021
                  2. Please find some further information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. 

                    5 Jan 2021
                  3. We’re unable to visit our favourite restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops during lockdown but we can still enjoy their incredible food by ordering from them online or collecting in person until they reopen. 

                    15 Jan 2021

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